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This website contains so-called cookies. According to law, everyone who visits a website using cookies must be informed that the website contains cookies, what these cookies are used for and how cookies can be avoided.

If you do not wish to accept cookies, your web browser can be set to automatically deny the storage of cookies or to inform you each time a website requests permission to store a cookie. Previously stored cookies can also be deleted via the web browser. Visit the web browser’s help pages for more information.

Please note that this website only uses cookies to simplify for the user and to enable the full functionality.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small data file stored by a website on your computer so it can recognise your computer the next time you visit the website. Cookies are used on many websites to provide users with access to various functions. It is possible to use the information in the cookie to follow a user's surfing. A cookie file is passive and cannot spread data viruses or other damaging programs.

The uses of cookies as tools include:
– storing settings for how a website should be displayed (resolution, language etc.)
– enabling observation of how users make use of the website and thus, collecting data on how the website can be developed in general
– linking the user's exposure to advertising on websites to the user's e-commerce transactions as a basis for calculating payment to the website and the advertising network
– collecting information about the user's behaviours in order to adjust and limit the content and the advertising on websites visited to these behaviours.

Different types of cookie

This website use different types of cookies. Depending on the purpose of the cookies, consent may be required. Cookies that are necessary to use this website do not require consent, but for all other purposes consent is required. It can be third-party cookies that are used on the website.


How long a cookie is saved on your computer is unique for each cookie. There are two different types of durations:

Session cookies: These cookies are used to store temporary information. The information is acquired through a single session or the time between the opening and closing of your browser. Once you close your browser, they are automatically deleted. Their purpose is to remember the actions you have performed on the website, for example, the selected language to use on the website.

Persistent cookies: These cookies are not deleted once you close your browser but they are stored on your hard drive until the expiration date or until you delete them manually. They are used to remember, for example, login details (username and password), to avoid entering them every time you visit a particular site.

This website uses:

Necessary cookies:
These are necessary for the website to work correctly.

ASP.NET_SessionId: This cookie is temporary and essential for the website to operate correctly. Session cookie, expires when the browser is closed.