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System Engineering and defense logistics

Most of our consultants have worked with qualified analysis of technical, tactical and operational targets. They have extensive experience in implementing requirements analysis and interpretation requirements for compiling the correct set of requirements in form of system specifications. We support you in system design for optimal realization of requirements, sustainable systems coordination and efficient production. Our consultants have experience from the highest system level, iterative work at lower system levels and support in procurement.

Our consultants have not only studied the System Engineering, they have been a part of the system themselves...

Rote is a Swedish consultancy company with its roots in the Armed Forces, therefore it is natural that we both want to and are able to contribute to protecting national interests in Sweden and abroad. In peacetime crisis, military resources should support the community when special measures are required. Abroad Swedish forces represents a tool for the international community''s efforts to create a safer world. All this is based on interaction with others, calling for joint applications of rules and language and associated compatible management systems.

Rote is deeply involved in the development of effective defense logistics – when and where needed. In practical terms, this means that the materiel and logistics supply is reorganized in the framework of a more efficient distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the Swedish Armed Forces as the client and the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration as the supplier. The aim is to allow the transition to a more useful and accessible defense force through efficiency measures of assistance, while creating a more efficient order and executes organization.

The expertise of our consultants have today helps governments, companies and organizations to analyze the opportunities and challenges of being successful in a global market.

We are also active and experienced in the entire national security area, from analysis to control.

In support of export activities, we offer a wide range of skills by experienced and internationally qualified consultants, as well as an extensive network on the national and international arena. We can f. ex. offer unique support for Technology Transfer Programs and the role of Think-tank Capability.