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Secure and effective information management

Today, information is a strategic resource and your business or organizations approach to this is essential for the continued competitiveness, effectiveness and in some cases - survival. Rotes model for information management includes the processes and structures that support you and your business or organization to get maximum business benefits or business values from your information assets throughout their lifecycle and your value chain. The area includes both a formal governance and management structure with defined roles, responsibilities and powers and how the organization relates to e.g. concepts such as metadata, master data, information, ownership and more. A challenge is that information today and in the future needs to be available and utilized in varied, multiple and simultaneous channels, and often even to mobile terminals, which requires both privacy and information security.

In the field of protection of privacy and personal data privacy (PII) Rote has all the experience and knowledge required for you and your business or organization to comply with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in support of a framework based on the internationally recognized standard ISO / IEC 27018, and / or framework ISO / IEC 29100 for Privacy. We also have subject matter experts within EU e-privacy regulation (EPR).

The basis for an effective and secure information is the international standard for requirements on information security management system (ISMS), which will make you and your company or organization capable to meet increased security requirements. An ISMS creates the foundation when you establish, implement, monitor, review, maintain and improve your organization''''''''s information. An ISMS will thereby reducing the costs of incidents, strengthen your brand and increase the security and safety awareness in your staff.

In the systematization and governance of security, Rote can assist with their own method of SMS - Security Management System - which is gradually adapted to your organization''''''''s maturity level. SMS covers the entire security perspective and is based on ISO / IEC 27001, our years of experience and a large number of implementations of ISMS in global corporations, SMEs and in the public sector.

We are also active and experienced in the entire national security area, from analysis to control.